Spray Guns RB65 Series

Part Number 030642500 (RB65/16GPM)

Part Number 030630000

Part Number 030644500 (RB65/26GPM)




RB65 Description:  This heavy-duty spray gun works on irrigation water lines or 3/4" city lines.  It reduces water usage at wash pads.  The gun requires minimum 90 psi for 1/2" hose or  minimum 65 psi for 3/4" hose.  Gun provides easy pull trigger for less hand fatigue.

RB65SS Description:  Same as RB65 but with Stainless Steel 316 internal parts. Part Number is 030630000

RB6540 Description:  Same as RB65 but with higher flow rate (max of 26.5 gpm). Part Number is 030644500



Parts Breakdown of RB65 Spray Gun   

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