TJ 15G / TJ 15GX

Foam Marker for Medium and Large Size Sprayers

Part Number  901800 and 901768






Description:  The TJ 15G and the TJ 15GX are foam markers built for medium to large size agricultural sprayers.  The foam is generated at the end of the boom.  A full tank will last approximately 4 to 6 hours depending on the flow rate and the amount of foam agent used.  Easy and fast to install.  Field tested.  The TJ 15GX has a 20% bigger compressor for a higher output and 30 ft more of air/liquid tubing.


Parts Breakdown for TJ 15G (new compressor after 2012)

Parts Breakdown for TJ 15GX (new compressor 2010-2012)

Parts Breakdown for TJ 15G  (before 2010)             

Parts Breakdown for TJ 15GX


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