Air Sprayer (Pressurized Sprayer)

Part Number 908905




Detail Front Panel                             Optional Twin Model

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Description: The Air Sprayer is a professional spot sprayer that allows you to spray without having a pump.   The 12 volt compressor pressurizes the tank in order to spray the liquid.  The spray pressure can be easily adjusted at a constant pressure from 0 psi to 70 psi.  It is ideal to spray liquids such as:  chemicals, shampoos, lubricants, degreasers, weed killers, liquid fertilizers, disinfectants, spot removers, etc.  DO NOT USE THE AIR SPRAYER WITH FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS.


        5 gallon stainless steel tank

        12 VDC compressor

        12 VDC  battery holder (12 volt battery not included)

        heavy-duty frame with 2 wheels

        Control panel with pressure gauge, adjustable pressure knob and manual air inflation

        18" spray wand with coiled tubing (15 ft extension)


        very easy and fast to clean

        minimal noise

        no emission

        comfortable walk-behind position

        compact and easy to assemble

        UP to 10 hours of operation with a 12 VDC battery


Optional upon request:

       TWIN MODEL (PART NUMBER 908906) (pictured in thumbnails above)


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