Stainless Steel Spray Wand with Gun (CP SS Series)



Description:  Complete with Universal Blue Lever gun with body P.P. reinforced with F.G. Internal parts are in stainless steel and seals are in Viton. The stainless steel spray wand is available in the following length 24(600mm) 30(750mm) 35 (900mm). Complete with fan nozzle 110 in thermoplastic material ( POM ) and nozzle protection.

Includes a stainless steel cup filter 50 Mesh positioned in the nozzle holder.
Other tip sizes available upon request.

Technical Specifications:

Max Pressure 350 psi
Min/Max Temperature -15 to +50C / +5 to +120F
Inlet 1/2"
Spray Wand Stainless steel
Body and shutter Polypropylene + FV
Seat and o-rings Viton
Weight 0.70 lbs







Other tip sizes available upon request.

Model Name Model Number Length Tip Size/Spray Angle
CP 600 SS 15020602 24" 04 (1.1mm)/110
CP 750 SS 15020702 30" 04 (1.1mm)/110
CP 900 SS 15020902 35" 04 (1.1mm)/110








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