Hand Washers


                         4 US gallon tank                                  6.4 US gallon tank                            Valve close-up on 6.4 US gallon tank

                             4 US gallon tank                                                  6 US gallon tank                     Click here to view valve close-up


Description:  Our 3 different Hand Washers can be used on various operating machinery.  The tanks hold either 4 or 6 US gallons.  The 6 US gallon model has a heavy-duty reinforced plastic tank and an extra top handle to help in transportation.  Metal brackets makes them very easy to affix to any machinery.

6 US gallon Hand Washer #902510-64 Includes:


4 US gallon Hand Washer #902510 Includes: 

4 US gallon Hand Washer #902514 Includes: